What are the benefits of a wood garage door?

wood garage doorsThere are a variety of wood types and many different styles that can be used for your wood garage door, allowing you to give it a unique feel, says Thomas.

If you have the mindset that if you’ve seen one garage door, you’ve seen them all, you may want to reconsider that point of view. The reality is that garage doors are not only practical, but with the various different options for garage doors, you can open an entirely new aspect to your home’s decor.

This is typically the case when people consider using wood garage doors. One of the most beneficial aspects to wood garage doors is the custom nature of their design. Not every home will come equipped with a standard size garage door.

In addition, if you have made improvements or added new dimensions to your garage space, a standard size door that once fit on your garage may not be adequate for your garage any longer. Regardless of what size door you need, custom wood garage doors may be your best option.

When you consider wooden garage doors, you may not quite understand the amount of options you will have in terms of its construction. While it will have the solid and decorative look of wood, there is far more to the construction of these types of garage doors than simply a large wooden panel.

There are also wooded garage doors that have multiple layers. Some of those layers can include steel frames for better rigidity and others include areas for insulation to help the doors offer better protection from the weather, as well as better sound absorption. The choice as to what type of door will work best for you will depend upon your needs for insulation as well as your budget.

When it comes to the type of wood that is used in customized wood garage doors, there are multiple different options. For example, a common wood that is used for garage door inlays and base material is oak. However, you can choose from walnut, hemlock, fir, cedar and redwood, just to mention a few.

Finally, you want to consider the design of the doors. You can choose standard carriage doors with multiple designs and patterns that can be built or you can choose standard panel construction for your wooden garage doors.

These panels can be laid out in a short design or long design, depending on your particular design preferences. You will also have the option of choosing windows to be included in your door.

These windows can be very small, bordering the top of the garage door, or you can choose a more extensive use of windows in your garage door design. In addition to this, you’ll also have the option of decorative hardware to finish out your customized garage door design.

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