We Support Local Businesses

Door Service Inc, Garage Door Repair McHenry uses our local suppliers to generate and keep revenue in our area. Some of our preferred suppliers are …. Adams Steel, Adams Enterprises, Ace Hardware, Minute Man Press, Illini Wholesale.

Additionally, here are at least 7 great reasons to use local suppliers like us.

1) Using Local McHenry Suppliers can help save the Environment

It is said that the greatest users of cars on our roads are small businesses going out to give quotes or to delivery products or services.

Why would you call a guy from Rockford or Elgin to come fix your door when we are right here in your community.

The environment is the loser in this equation as tons of extra carbon monoxide is pumped into the atmosphere every day.

Using local suppliers would significantly reduce the amount of damage to the environment.

2) Using Local McHenrySuppliers can reduce the traffic congestion

Every person in Chicagoland and Northwest suburbs wastes weeks of their lives every year sitting in stationary traffic. If we used local suppliers, fewer of them would be on the roads, or at worst they would be on the road for a shorter period of time.

Net result – less congestion and more time to do the things we want to.

3) Using Local McHenry Suppliers could Reduce the Price of Goods and Services

When companies quote for a job or a product, they factor in all their costs. By using suppliers from across the capital (or county etc.) their costs go up – fuel, vehicle maintenance and salary costs (while the person is sitting in traffic they still have to be paid) all rise.

Companies are not charities (often charities aren’t even charities in this sense anymore) but they exist to balance their books and ultimately to make a profit. Increase their cost base, and their quote will simply increase.

Conversely, allow their cost base to reduce and for some, it will result in lower prices for Goods and Services or… (see 4)

4) Spending Locally in McHenry Increases the Local Wealth, which Increases the Local Spend, which Results in a Wealthier Community Overall.

Where companies supply locally, with reduced overheads, but don’t reduce the price of their Goods and Services, the owners (and in good companies the staff also) will get larger pay checks.

If they too spend their money locally, other owners and staff will have increased pay checks. Where enough businesses produce people with larger pay checks, the local community as a whole fairly quickly becomes better off.

(idealistic we know, but as a model it works)

5) ‘I know where you live’ leads to improved Quality

Local McHenry suppliers are part of the community. They have friends and may even have family in the local community. This is a massive incentive to getting better quality goods and services. Who would want to be the local supplier talked about at a local dinner party because they had done a poor quality job?

Peer pressure alone would ensure that each job was done to the highest possible standard.

6) ‘I know where you live’ reduces the risk of ‘Fly by Night’ If we fix your door, there is a good chance we will run into each other later at Jewel or at a ball game.

Local suppliers are part of the local community. They work out at the same gym, shop at the same shops, have kids at the same school and attend local leisure pursuits.

The cowboys in any industry can only survive because they are anonymous. They are unknown in the local community. So they can come into our homes or businesses provide a shoddy service and leave with our money in their pockets never to be seen again.

7) Using Local Suppliers increases our Community Cohesion

It is said that volunteering in a local charity does wonders for community cohesion because people meet their neighbours and feel more integrated and therefore feel more positive. The same must be true of using local suppliers. Each product or service you buy from a local supplier gives you the opportunity to meet another local person. Fairly soon the community feels less threatening.

For example: Adults start feeling less fearful of hoodies because Granny Joan who sees the group of teenagers knows all their families, in fact has baby sat most of them at one time or another. So instead of feeling intimidated, she stops for a chat.