A. Material
1. Material orders that require 50% down will not be made until payment is received and processed to customer account.

2. Material order cancellations will be assessed a 50% restocking fee at a minimum.

3. All custom made to order material that is cancelled will be charged in full to the customer account minus any installation labor.

a. High Speed Doors.

b. Hollow Metal Doors.

c. Glass and Aluminum Doors.

d. Any item that is not shelved as a stock item.

4. Material left on a job site that requires more than one working day is the responsibility of the customer.

a. Stolen and damaged material will be re-ordered at the expense of the customer.

b. Guard services for material left on site are the responsibility of the customer.

B. Warranty Clarification
1. 1 year labor warranty for craftsmanship of the service provided, which does not include pre-existing issues that may require extra troubleshooting or parts replacement.

2. Factory warranty will be issued for material installed by DSI techs.

3. Any item deemed defective by a manufacturer will be replaced at no charge for the material.

The DSI labor will be charged to the customer because faulty material is not the fault of DSI.

4. Electrical items carry no warranty.

C. Estimates
1. Estimate values are for budget purposes only.

2. Estimates need to be signed and dated by the proper authority.

3. DSI attempts to create accurate estimates with each site visit. There are cases where labor times go above the initial estimate due to issues that were unknown to DSI sales reps, property owners, and property management staff. This extra labor will be added to the final invoice and is required to be paid without exception.

4. Estimates are valid for 30 days without exception.

D. Invoice Payments
1. All invoices are due net 30 for existing customers with established good credit.

2. Any invoice past 30 days old will be assessed finance charges and late payment fees.

3. Credit card payments will be assessed a 5% finance charge to cover the cost of merchant services.

4. All invoices have a description of what was done at the time of service so please read the invoice to answer questions related to which door and what was completed.

E. Manufacturer and Shipper lead times
1. DSI not responsible for delay manufacturing processes under any circumstances.

2. DSI not responsible for shipping delays under any circumstances.

F. Parking
1. All parking fees associated with a customer will be billed to the client at time of final invoicing.

2. DSI requires that during service related work that we are to park at or near the door opening.

a. Near means within the opening itself whenever possible.

b. Time will also be added to any invoice for extra labor if we have to park more than 100 yards from the door opening.

G. Traffic flow management
1. DSI does not perform traffic control duty of any kind from vehicular to human, if a property needs to re-route traffic it is there responsibility. If DSI has to set up move and re-setup more than one time during a quoted job extra labor will be added to the final invoice.

H. Service Calls
1. DSI will do everything in its power to arrive on site within 2 to 3 hours of a service call request.

2. Service call cancellations after a tech has been dispatched but not arrived to the site will be assessed a fee of $295.00.

3. Service call cancellations after a tech has arrived at the site will be assessed a full service fee of $495.00.

4. The performance of a service call implies no warranty on the entire entrance, only the exact item or issue we serviced provided additional material is not required. DSI does not take ownership for poorly maintained equipment and will afford no warranty for equipment that has been treated with dis-regard.

5. Service calls supersede all re-construction and new construction due to their emergency nature, therefore taking precedence. This means that if our service department gets backed up on service work all re-construction and new construction projects will be re-scheduled without exception.

I. Lien waivers
1. If a property requires a lien waiver for payment to DSI then it is the responsibility of the customer to get this waiver to our office. If the waiver is not supplied to our office and the invoice is past due finance charges and late fees will be applied and a new invoice will be issued with the new value.

J. Permits
1. Permits are the responsibility of:

a. Property Management Company.

b. Unit owner.

c. Building Owner.

2. If DSI is asked to provide any permit a total time invoice will be created which will include:

a. All time associated with attaining the permit at a cost of $149.00 per hour.

b. The minimum fee for DSI to attain a permit for a customer project is $1,450.00 not including the permit cost from the issuing agency.